October 10th, 2009 at 3:19 pm
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Here is a fun way to use apples.  Each person can design his or her own version of a carousel.   I’ve never found a child who didn’t enjoy this activity, even if they didn’t eat the finished project.

After washing and coring an apple, slice off the top and bottom.  Then divide the rest  into four thick slices, enough for two carousels.   Next spread peanut butter on the top of each slice.

kentley-spreading-p-butter kizer-placing-toothpicks

Position four colored toothpicks evenly spaced around one slice.  With the peanut butter side up, put the other slice on top of the toothpicks, and carefully press until it’s stable.

kentley-placing-top-ring placing-animals

Place four animal cookies in the four spaces created by the toothpicks.  The peanut butter and the toothpicks can be used to keep them standing.  Add decorative candy to top, and anywhere else the child, or your inner child,  wants.

kentley-topping-with-mms ready-to-eat

Take a pictures because it doesn’t save very well.  Enjoy eating all of it, or just the parts you like.

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