December 7th, 2007 at 1:33 pm
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My Stamen apple tree is usually filled with ripe apples in the fall, but the damaging snow last spring came when the tree was full of blossoms. So the honeybees and I were very disappointed.


The Stamen apples make the most wonderful applesauce. It’s simple to cut out the core, peel them and cook in a little water until they are soft, adding cinnamon or other preferred spices. A hand held immersion blender completes the task. When frozen the applesauce lasts for the winter, and tastes fresh when thawed.

Another easy way to fix fresh apples is to slice them into a microwave safe glass container. Add cinnamon, butter, and sugar if they need it. Then microwave, stirring after each two minutes, until they are soft.


When visiting Long Island, NY, my friend Methel fixed this luscious apple tart. She graciously shared the recipe.


Apple Tart Recipe


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