July 12th, 2008 at 4:20 pm
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The lavender is loaded with flowers and bees. The butterflies seem to have deserted it for another plant, probably cabbage in someone else’s garden.

My overflowing refrigerator contained a bag of lemons from Sam’s Club. After searching for recipes containing both I chose Amy’s Lavender Lemonade.

Friends were coming over to pick blueberries, so I made half the recipe to serve the three of us.

While the lavender was steeping the whole house had a lovely fragrance. Since the lavender was fresh I just put in the whole wands after washing them. I also added 1/4 cup of sugar so we could add more if we needed to, and it wouldn’t be too sweet. It was perfect for us.

Also, I put the ingredients into a pitcher placed in the refrigerator until it was time to serve. Then I poured the lemonade over ice in glasses. Banana Blueberry Bread went well with the lemonade.

The pink color made it even more festive! We thought it was quite refreshing after the hot and tedious job of picking blueberries.

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